The Summit

Welcome to the first Blue Info Summit

2021 marks the start of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. In this context, the Blue Info Summit seeks to make a relevant contribution to the debate on such topics as:


  • Cooperation between countries and between entities participating in the blue economy;
  • The importance of science and innovation for creating value from oceans, seas and rivers;
  • The achievement of an integrated vision of all bodies of water and their respective coasts;
  • The impact of the pandemic and the priorities for recovery;
  • The value of food from the sea and the path to sustainability of the oceans;
  • The transformation of the economy of the sea to achieve decarbonization;


Blue economy leaders from countries on four continents will share their views on the future of oceans, seas and rivers. In a world undergoing great transformation, voluntary commitments are essential to achieving the goals of SDG 14 – Life Below Water. During this event, we will promote increasing voluntary commitments and explain how simple it is to submit them.

The 2021 Summit – June 22

Blue Info Summit Panels

The Decade and Oceans International Cooperation (EN)


Vladimir Ryabinin – IOC Executive Director

Luís Menezes Pinheiro – IOC Portugal

Blue Science and Innovation (PT+SP)


António Gameiro Marques – Diretor GNS

Augustin Olivier – INESC TEC

Ana Noronha – Ciência Viva

Octavio Llinas – Centro Tecnológico Ciencias Marinas

Francisco Espregueira Mendes – Telles

Ocean Decade and Sustainable Development (EN)


Tiago Pitta e Cunha – Fundação Oceano Azul

Peter Haugan – Institute of Marine Research

Tatiana Der Avedissian – The Economist World Ocean Initiative

José Moutinho – Air Center

Roderick Reid – Onshore Guide

Emerging Sustainable Development Opportunities in All Waters – Gateways to Future Prosperity (EN)


Ricardo Serrão Santos – Minister of the Sea Portugal

All Waters Gateways to Future Prosperity (EN)


Maria João Bebiano – CIMA

Bhakti Devi – UWD / WICCI / India

Marianela Mirpuri – Hera / WICCI / Fundação Mirpuri / Portugal

Mary Pagano – Hera / WICCI / EUA

Sangeeta Ahir – Hera /WICCI/Índia

Blue Numbers in a Changing World (EN)


Peter Heffernan – Mission Starfish

Frangiscos Nikolian – DGMARE

Conceição Santos – DGPM

Cristina Ramos – INE

Jennifer Zhuang- NOAA

Blue Cooperation (PT)


José Maria Costa – CMVC

Mané Ferrari – Mundo Mar

Paulo Gomes – Mar@Único

Sampaio Filho – Presidente do Conselho de Inovação da FIEC

Comandante Sardinha Monteiro – Marinha

Vice-Almirante Novo Palma – Marinha

Blue Economy in Portugal (PT)


Helena Vieira – DGPM Director

Mafalda Freitas Araújo – DRM Director

Pedro Neves – DRAM Director

José Carlos Lopes – Blue Economy Expert

A Sea of Opportunities – Sustainable Food (PT)


Teresa Coelho – Secretária de Estado das Pescas de Portugal

Ricardo Cavalcante – Presidente FIEC

Francisco Maia Junior – Secretário de Desenvolvimento Económico e do Trabalho do Estado do Ceará

Luís Avides – Ramirez

Sampaio Filho – Presidente do Conselho de Inovação da FIEC

Tracing to Add Value and Protect Sea Food (PT)


Carlos Villaça – Diretor DRM (MAPA)

Francisco Ozina Costa – Diretor SINDFRIO

Roberto Gradvohl – Presidente da Câmara Setorial da Economia do Mar e Águas Continentais da ADECE

Samuel Câmara – Coordenador GESTIC – UEC

Guilherme Araújo – FIEC

Leilamara Andrade – FIEC

Maria Ozilea Menezes – Diretora do Instituto de Ciências do Mar – LABOMAR

Manuel Tarré – Presidente do Conselho Estratégico para a Economia do Mar da CIP

The Decade and the Oceans Future


Ariel Hernán Troisi – IOC President

Craig MacLean – IOC EUA

Paula Marques – Skipper & Wool

Host: Miguel Marques – Blue Info

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