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"Blue Puzzle"


Blue info

Project Blue Info is an international thought leadership project aiming to make relevant contributions that will help to put together the various pieces that are missing to fit into the complex “blue puzzle” of knowledge of the socio-economic and anthropological dynamics generated by mankind’s interaction with oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

how we do it

the blue info contribution

These contributions will be created through the analysis of data and information and in cooperation with multiple entities and will be made available on this site in a free access system.

Presenting an unusual vision, that of water to the land, as opposed to the traditional vision of land to the water, some of the pieces of the “blue puzzle” that the Blue Info project will try to address are:

Spatial Multidimensionality

Frame, in a moment in time, in a given geographical-cultural and political-economic location, the appropriate management and planning of the socio-aquatic contexts, taking into account its spatial multidimensionality, characterised by the components of seabed, water column, water surface and air-spatial component above the water surface

Physical and Social Reality

Understand the physical and social reality around the resources associated with aquatic environments, using methods based on scientific knowledge and with the support of advanced computational tools

Add Value to Nature and Culture

Respect and add value to nature and culture associated with oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, supporting the strengthening of aquatic ecosystems and their coastal communities, preparing both for the combat and mitigation of risks of climate change

Integrated Vision

Promote the sustainable development of countries and regions through the blue economy and an integrated vision of fishing, aquaculture, ports, maritime transport, shipbuilding, energy, biotechnology, robotics, tourism, sport, culture, environment, defence and knowledge, amongst others

Inform,​ Educate and Prepare

Inform, educate and prepare according to basic polymath principles, the human capital necessary for the permanent transformation that results from the needs of constant development and the constant changes caused by external factors such as economic and financial, security and pandemic crises, among other crises, in order to constitute a sufficient number of people interested in working and investing in the blue economy.

Our Event

blue info summit

Blue economy leaders from countries on four continents will share their views on the future of oceans, seas and rivers. In a world undergoing great transformation, voluntary commitments are essential to achieving the goals of SDG 14 – Life Below Water. During this event, we will promote increasing voluntary commitments and explain how simple it is to submit them.



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